We are digitizing shea supply
in West Africa

Making measurable
and observable impact

Sustaining income and
impact for rural people

Systemic restructuring of the shea supply chain

Over 16 million women smallholder farmers are engaged in the production of raw shea commodities in West Africa for global food and cosmetic manufacturers. These women are the backbone for billions of dollars in revenue, yet they live in poverty, living on less than $2 a day.

Welcome to Sommalife, a social enterprise that uses modern technology to create sustainable income and impact in rural communities. We are dedicated to establishing a future where rural women get the income and rewards they deserve for the value they create. Our vision is to eliminate the gap between stakeholders in the shea value chain and to guarantee transparency and traceability.

We provide resources for women farmer groups in shea producing communities to produce high quality farm commodities in large volumes. Bottlenecks such as manual operations, walking long distances to local markets and middlemen are reduced. Then we connect local producers to international markets to earn fair wages and additional income.


Trusted by Many Happy Clients

Sabella Obeng
Best Shea Company

I came across your page on Instagram and was fascinated with the work you were doing with the women and children while selling natural organic products from Ghana. I decided to order some samples and fell in love with the quality of the products I received. My first observation was their amazing natural smell and they're being 100% organic which is exactly what I was looking for. Your customer service is second to none. You are very patient and quick with delivery as well. For this, I will always recommend you.

Kathrine and Theresa, Norway
Sommalife raw materials

Sommalife is a company we are very glad to work with. Their raw materials are very good and we use them in all our products. We have tried others but they aren’t as good in quality.

Fati Daribile - Jambosi - Ghana
We lost interest in producing shea nuts

Before Sommalife came to our community, we lost interest in producing shea nuts and butter. We suffered to get good buyers and we had to carry them long distances to the local market. Now Sommalife trains us to produce, they come here to purchase from us, and we are earning more money to support our children.

Jessica Clinton - USA
Sommalife Shea Butter

I have been using Sommalife Shea Butter for almost 2 years now. I love that this company employs women who are masters in their craft, having learned to produce this butter from generation to generation. More than that, I love that Sommalife creates their products in harmony with the environment. It means much to support a company that values conservation.